I have to learn being assisted. This was the first time ever I had cluster support and to be honest I could not really utilize it for the first couple of hours. :-)

Had to give up the tower mounted Inv-L for 80m. Turned out there is coupling to the Yagis which was hidden for 1.5 years. This resulted lot a struggle on the lowest bands. It turned out when I tried to install with 2x elevated radials instead of 60 ground mounted. After the vertical base lift the SWR moved on the Yagis as well. If I lowered it back the SWR reverted.

Quickly installed half dipoles @9m for 80/160m with common feed line. 80m was OK but could not really tune 160m having pretty high 1.7 SWR.

15m Yagi is still the temp one the QSO number reflects this. I could only S&P well after the band opened.

10m was funny. Made usual checks with turned up volume not to miss anything. After 10 UT on Sun tuning down again out of sudden OH1RX rocked into the quiet band. I almost jumped off the chair due to the surprise. However the miracle took really short only 3 other QSOs made.

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