Inv-L coupling with Yagis

Took almost 1.5 years to find out the shortage of the system. So it was not matching circuit issue but interaction with the antennas on the tower which ruined the characteristics of the vertical which simply worked only on pretty low level.

When I built the first version of Inv-L back in Feb/2105 the Yagis were not on the tower. It is interesting but the Yagis has not shown any difference in parameters. This was discovered when the L was tried to install with 2x elevated radials instead of 60 ground mounted to see any performance difference. After the vertical base lift to 2m high the SWR moved on the Yagis as well. If I lowered it back the SWR reverted. It is very frustrating but finally I know why the system did not work for almost the entire 2016.

The original version with 15m high vertical section worked so well I have to re-build it with bigger separation to the main tower.


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