Beverage… the result

The original plan was to test the Beverage in the CQ-WW-160m contest. In 2015 I manage to log 359 QSOs with 5 states and 44 countries in the first 7 hours (with 100W) without any receiving antenna. Tried to improve the station with good ears however the vertical would not have been competitive due to the coupling.  It took 20 minutes to drive one single pole into the so frozen soil. As the 268m (880ft) needs 12 poles that was unrealistic to finish it on time so gave it up.

The second attempt was ARRL-DX CW. Planned to repeat the good score on 80m from 2015. Similarly to above due to the coupling the Inv-L was not performing well. During the night I switched to all band category started to play around on other bands. 40m sounded really great the annoying s7-s8 noise dropped back to s2 level. Unfortunately it was too interesting to work on the noiseless band I made only this clip about K1ZM early CQ:

Actually this recording does not give the noise level back as it sounded in the headphone. It was very interesting to work west coast stations without any noise. 40m sounded like 20m.

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