FT-1000MP > AL-811 (500W) > elevated Inv-L with 2x elevated radials, no RX antenna

However the original plan was to erect new vertical to 80m and try it out this year the weather helped a lot to make the decision easily. All of my antennas were grounded due to the heavy wind storms in April. 40m vertical broken in half, the top trust bearing crashed on the tower luckily enough I managed to lift the 6el and 4el OWAs back before they came down by themselves.

Finished the 80m vertical in the dark could not finish the tuning therefore I started the contest from 1600z on Sat so completely missed the first 6-7 hours. In according to the reports I missed the quiet and productive part of the contest with entering only when the K index lifted to 6… :-)

Despite the tough conditions I’m happy with the result especially if VK6LW and JT5DX first call QSOs are mentioned. I’ve been struggling with the DX contacts which are pretty underrepresented in my log anyway unfortunately.

Lot to fix until the IARU.


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