6el 10m OWA Yagi lifted

Finally, we were able to lift the antenna to its tower position. The antenna based on Justin’s G0KSC design. We have been “training” our lifting skills for 5 times before the final 6th we could place the boom on to the tower top. I think we made each and every mistake it can be made during such an activity. :-) It seems way more easier from the ground than it is actually when you are balancing on the tower. One of our neighbor asked what are we actually doing because he sees a shiny something going up&down, up&down…

Here I’d like to thank Justin’s help he provided during the planning phase.

Here’s the SWR measurement result:

The highest SWR is 1:1.3 in the entire 10m band however I had no time to test it on the air yet.

…and the end result: (yeah, I need to repaint the tower)


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