Preparation for the CQ160m CW

However the vertical section of the 160m is still short I’m giving a try to enhance its effectiveness with improving the ground under the elevated vertical. I placed 100m chicken fence on the surface.
I’m really curious about the impact however in according to the LBDX unfortunately it cannot be measured directly.

I erected a new 268m long Beverage towards JA beside the similar USA one. The config was the same as last year but with 2 piece this time.
It took ~1 hour for the two “long walks” to get it done tho the mother nature was really kind with the 10C temperature. I wanted to be more precise regarding the directions so I used Google Earth to have exact (actually with 2m tolerance) locations for the start/mid/end points. I was so enthusiastic I drove the grounding rods right after the positioning but with this I made a pretty big mistake. I left the coax at last. As the Beverages are on a farmer field ~70m LoS from the house I made pretty hard time for myself when the cable was missed to reach the room with 3m for both cases. I had to really fine tune the route to squeeze this 3m out from the system. It took at least 1 hour to get this done not letting the road cross to be too tight avoiding any damage a car pass over might cause.
The actual length of the JA cable (both coax in yellow, the antennas are red) is exactly 100m. Next time I definitely will start laying down the coaxes first before I touch anything. This is how “lean” comes to the picture in a simple antenna work. My Father has really sharp vision he assisted to put the bamboo rods down in a real line.

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