CQ160m – SOA HP



FT-1000MP > 400W > Inv-L (~14m vertical section)
268m Beverage > USA
268m Beverage > JA

…been an experience.

I’m always amazed how can so many stns be squeezed in to such a small band… Sometimes it was up to 300 different calls in the bandmap. Literally every 200Hz were utilized making the band pretty noisy even tho I listened almost only via the Beverages. The DX signals were pretty good but due to the crowd it took effort to get the calls correctly.

With the new vertical, I did not know what to expect beforehand. I was very happy after the first night having ~40 NA stns in the log with almost 16 states/districts. I did not know that what will happen on Saturday night. Even if the band was full of W/K and VE calls I _could__not_ even hear a whisper even on the beverage either. I think statistically averaging the condx from both nights it could give an average considering the Sat NA “black out”.

As I have used more than one Beverage for first time it made couple of struggles to peel the caller when I should just switch to the other direction. On the other hand this actually was really good sign tho that the Bevs are working. I’ll never ever place the switch on the side of the desk out of prime sight…

The skimmer pile-ups were killer even for a simple station. It could produce a complete wall for long minutes making the called ones “invisible”. Actually I gave up quickly jumping on the mults ‘coz I’ve been wasting time only calling in the crowd. Unfortunately, the 400W was not a S-breaker in this sense.

I gave the last 11 minutes to myself using the HG3G call. I could get used to this all the way in every contests… :-))

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