Currently there are so many great DXpeds on the air. Many of them might be ATNO’s for me. However now I can feel the painful shortage of my single vertical for the upper bands, and the low dipole for the lower ones. I know I have to be rather happy to have kinda anything usable in urban area but it is sad when I read the “booming” or “what a great signal” or any similar spot comments on the stations I simply cannot even hear.

I mean like 3D2EU, 3C3W, XR0YD, 9M0W, 4B4B, TY7C, 5X2B or VU4G who I tried to catch at least once… However this can be taken as a challenge as most of these stns can be reached only on the very top of the propagation window so I have to be really sharp to get them.


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