FT1000MP > 500W > elevated 1/4 vertical with 2 radials

The weather was kinda weird during the weekend. Despite we had the winter back for 2 more weeks but on top of this we had a major snow storm starting Sat night creating at least 10-15cm thick layer. Luckily enough it went away fairly quickly but still… it is mid March…

I rebuilt the vertical and made small modifications in the radial layout and based on the RBN spot analysis seemingly it worked better. I’ve been picked up by skimmers never before + the propagation cannot be blamed being better compared to the CQWWCW weekend so this must be something around the antenna itself.

I started the antenna work in sunshine and ended up with severe rain/snow mixture with -2 degrees in the same day. Please tell me if ham radio is not an extreme sport…

Happy with the result. UA/UA9′s made over 33% of the total thanks for the activity. I had pretty good rates all the way down so the whole contest went in a blink. I focused on maximizing the mults trying to work each spotted stns right away but seeing the competitions’ final figures I still missed ~10-10 cty/obl somehow mainly from the far end of UA9 and UA0.

Interestingly enough after 26 years of ham activity this was the first occasion I slipped to 40m SSB. It was quite an experience. I could not decide that the jam was due to the stations or some broadcasting intruders but that part of the band is really a mess.

I liked the DXPeditions’ activity during the contest. TY7C and TN5R actually did not bother themselves too much about the surroundings they just picked a freq high on the band and they did their split job. This made possible to check the size of the pile from time to time and log them as well to the DXCC band gaps.


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