Yagi’s are back

It’s been a big day today. We managed to lift back the antennas to the main tower after a year or so. The weather was really kind to us not dropping any rain during the crane action. Exploiting the “opportunity” made some little amendments on the system:

  • element anti-sagging for 20m
  • element reinforcement for 10m
  • replaced both of the feeder cables
  • counter pigeon puppet

It’s been really annoying when the pigeons around used the tower as base stationery. No need to say they made it pretty dirty. I bought a specially produced plastic crow which meant to scare them away. I made him sit on the boom next to the 10m driven element. I’m very curious how it will work.

Need to connect the coaxes and check the SWR performance and ready to WPX CW.

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