WPX CW preparations

It took 2 full days to finalize (restore rather) the station and making it back to shape for the upcoming contest season. Have to say that took lot of effort but it is there now.
Thanks to my Dad for his indefatigable support.

  • completely swapped the coax feeders for the 10 and 20m Yagi’s with 1-1/8″ hard-lines
  • buried both to make them out of reach and hoping for some more common mode suppression benefits as well
  • cold-start of the Yagi’s which provided better result than the previous setup.
    Interestingly before the storm broke the rotary mast the 20m OWA had some SWR alternations depending beam heading. Literally the SWR was higher when it looked to north compared to when beamed to 300 degrees. With introducing the anti-sag element ties this phenomenon disappeared completely + the entire band has SWR 1:1.1 or better from 14.000 up to 14.350 MHz. Never thought that this minor element positioning imbalance can cause such a significant imaginary impedance increase.
  • re-wired the control cables underground
  • double checked the joints and reinforced the sealing’s
  • revert the 160/80m vertical which was needed to laid down during the Yagi lifting efforts
  • rotator checks and re-arrangements
  • 6×2 yaxley fix and locating it to a more ergonomic position

Luckily finished on time and roughly after 13 months the station is back in business.

Isn’t it nice?

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