Successful “disaster”…

Actually considering the HW this was my first real SO2R after several attempts
before with lot of learning.

I had no chance to test the inter-band interference only on Friday so had no
real idea what to expect with my closely located antennas. Turned out I will
have band combinations when I can more or less be in safe without burning the
other radio’s RX. For example I have 20 and 10m Yagi on the same tower I did not
attempted to S&P on 10 when I was running on 20m. Due to the same reason I
decided to use 100W only for the 2nd radio. Hope the 857D survived too…

One week prior the contest making sure everything will be in good shape for the
event I tested all the antennas and seemed to be OK. When I set up the stn on
Friday 160 and 80m verticals were simply crashed both of them resonated out of
the bands. Have no idea what could have happened as nothing can be seen for
visual inspection. As the MP has only tuner I had to stop calling CQ for the
lower bands sweeps. I had one shot on each band to harvest the most obvious HQs
and zones but did not want to torture the radios for too long with the dummy
loads… Trying to be quick with 50W was kinda fun.

Having still the 3el @6m for 15m with 2 manually changeable directions almost
only S&P on this band. Similarly to the WPX 10/15m bands came back alive and
could have been made even USA on 10m too. So I will have to fix 15m after all
not to let the propagation to play this again. Wrongly I was prepared again for
dead bands.

Despite the lessons above this was a great contests. 24h went in a blink. Could
not break the 2M barrier but I’m more than satisfied with the score. All the HW
worked well without a glitch and I came through pretty well into the SO2R sync.

I see the areas where to improve and tune a bit and this will be pretty nice

Thanks for everyone for the calls and sorry to the ones when I messed with the
secondary window toggles and sent the report to the wrong radio.

Congrats to the LY team for the WRTC victory.


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