Little maintenance

Couple of weeks ago my good old FT-1000MP MkV Filed started to present weird high SWR periods right after I connected the antenna. Frankly speaking I usually disposed to tighten the PL259 way too much so suspected the antenna connectors and/or antenna unit can be the source of this fault as I heard many times that this part can easily go wrong.

So I opened up the TRX and inspected the antenna board closely. Nothing was obviously visible no loosen joint or broke PCB track which I expected beforehand.

I went further down with disassembling it completely. Still nothing visible. Just in case I re-soldered the joints to the radio chase and the connectors as well as the PCB solder points to make sure the fix if the problem is there.

Actually I have no idea why and how but after the radio was put back together both of the ANT ports returned back to the good SWR state so the problem seems to be solved by the re-soldering.

Whew, that would have been a major issue if the fault is in other part of the radio just couple of days before the CQ-WW-CW…


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