Despite I spent net 24 working hours on preparation (this includes the full rebuild of the destroyed vertical as well) of course I ended up with pitch-black mud walks trying to figure out what the hack could have happened to the RX antenna.

As I had to skip the CQ160m due to the killed vertical I wanted to try the 268m 2wire Beverage anyway at least in this contest. All HW were ready and set on time and seemed to work well. Logged 290 stns in the first 6-7 hours I was satisfied. It would be interesting to see the reasons for after the first 3 hours and 200 Qs the rates fell back significantly to 4 hours and 100Qs.

When I started to prepare for the Saturday night around my sunset I was shocked when I realized that the Beverage is stone deaf. As nothing changed since the last QSO has been logged I had no idea what was happened. However during the day there was lovely 10C+ temperature by this time it went well below zero degrees C. Spent 2 freezing hours with walking the system back and forth twice in the deep soil but could not find any sign of damage or misconduct. Had to get used to “I will listen on the vertical…”

Man, that was kinda fun. However I expected way more noise on the TX antenna but in exchange I heard the callers only marginally. This could be called as “signal mining”. I do apologize for the 126 stns who called me over Saturday evening and Sunday morning. Have to highlight the ones who were die hard enough to hold on my guessing’s. Not to mention the rate was very slow and long minutes spent even without a “?” but simply could not give up…

The propagation seemed to be rather good but for me the W7 area almost missed completely (AZ and MT reached only). I logged only 20 VEs.

Thanks a lot to Jorge, XE2X for answering to my call, never heard any XE on 80m yet, hope will not delete the QSO… ;-)


I had a very early management meeting on Monday so had no choice only to quit after Sat morning. I have to dismantle the Beverage after the contest so the Monday morning was not an option this time.


Thanks a lot for the calls see you in the SSB leg.


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