ARRL-DX CW preparations

After the vertical was crashed just before the CQ160 there was not much time remaining to rebuild the low band capabilities. If this happened I decided to improve the 80m and 160m performance with putting up a full size 1/4 vertical for 80m which will be similarly the support for the 160m top loaded antenna as well. We changed the approach about the actual antenna assembly. I got a good tip from Csaba, HA5BGL how he does it. It was very convincing that he alone even managed to erect a 26m high version as well. We digged a 2.5 m deep hole into the ground making possible to joint the two pipes together on ground level and “only” push up the section with the guying ropes installed. It was not that difficult but we ran into couple of unexpected dead ends. For example we were not prepared for the filled pipe ends which touched the bottom of the hole… :-)

The result was pretty impressive:

I invested a lot into the Beverage improvements I decided to test the 2wire switchable version it in the ARRL-DX CW even though has not much sense to have anything which points away from NA. Managed to finish before the contest the first tests were promising.


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