Re: 2wire Beverage

Found the reason for the Friday evening Beverage failure:
It was not visible during the night inspection because the protecting tape covered this part of the connector/coax joint. There must have been a car or something else made the inner conductor pulled out of the connector house. During the dismantle with simply pushing the coax back the RX antenna was fully operational again… :-\

Made couple of clips during the off-times and sounds the stuff does work as it should. However it is interesting that this 2wire version seems to be less resistant to the big local signals compared to the single wire version.

After the first runs I would make two adjustment in the design:

  • as I used 20cm separation between the wires this gave half turns for the primary of T2 which made the winding difficult with falling exactly between two turns. This makes actually the transformation ratio not to be perfect therefore I have SWR 1:1.4 for 40m. As all the HW is ready for both USA and JA Beverages it is not possible to change tho. Frankly speaking this is only an engineering view as this little transformation mismatch cannot be heard during the operation.
  • the PCB I planned uses DPDT relays which has NC port connected to the “reverse” SE direction. This means that if I want to listen to NA the relay needs to be energized to make the NO connection. This is not a big issue either but statistically the NO port will be used way more frequently.



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