RA-DX – SO80m HP

I was preparing for SOAB but could not finish the antennas on time, needed to pick a band and 80m was the one to test the new vertical. As it was tuned to CW end with no SSB option installed the SSB part was a struggle for the amp. I had to pick freq close to 3600 KHz to fell the just acceptable bandwidth and see who will tune that down on the band. Seeing the QSO totals not that many…

“Funny” HW issue over the night. Installed new “mother-in-law tongue” style relay at the feed-point to accommodate the close proximity RX antennas decoupling. The specialty of this piece, it does not have NC position, both of the connections need 24V to get activated. The (trying to be smart) engineer decided to save some components and energy and placed the relay into upright position to get gravity into the picture. BUT!! Due to some momentary power supply glitch somehow it released the “tongue” and **could not** pull it back to short the coax to the antenna. Every time when this happened had to jump into the shoes and run out to the vertical base, open the feed-box and help the relay manually to the required position… Was nice running exercise let say 10 times from 22 to 03UT in every 15-20 minutes. Dunno why after this period this did not happened again…

Making matters worse around 05UT on Sunday I was very proud with cleaning up the bandmap having no 10 pointers and couple of other not-yet-worked stns left. Petit malheur, realized I forgot to plug the charger to the phone I used to tether the iNET and its battery dried out silently. Have no idea how long time I was running without cluster support.

Great catch of ZM1A and VK2IA. Hats off to the guys who solved the difficult EU pile very quickly.

Good surprise of N2TA @0533 with real S9+10dB sigs on the vertical and K5KU @0553. (my SR is @0457UT). The TX vertical had surprisingly good ears this time but now cannot defer the RX antennas any longer.

Nice run on the cqcontest.net with HA8JV, LY7Z, S52W and E7CW. Could not give up in the morning on the dying band when you see the closing gaps… :


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