A week before the contest I rebuilt the 40m vertical for the 4th(!) time in the last two months due to the nice winds we had lately. Last weekend I was hoping that it can survive one more week and luckily I found everything in shape at Friday’s arrival.

I badly wanted to finish the BPF set for this one to finally try real SO2R without inter-station QRM. Pushed the last 2 weeks very hard with getting to bad @~3-4AM every day. However I managed to finish everything on time I did not have any nap and resulted that I literally fell out from the chair @04UT. I did not feel this bad even on the last CQWWCW with the full 48h in the position. I read somewhere (maybe from K5ZD) that it is not possible to “pack-up” and reserve sleep even if you try to have as much as possible in advance. But now it is proven that you can dry out yourself if you barely do so. :-) Regarding the SO2R plans, due to a silly wiring issue I ended up with 1R only.

It was an interesting weekend regarding the propagation. Great 40m start to NA but this was not repeated on Sun morning from 00UT. Most probably were not QSY’ed there. Despite the sigs were good I had only a few callers calling in needed to S&P to maintain the “rate”.

The absolute highlight was to see this arriving on the cluster window:
14:16 HG3N Hungary 28013.0 K9RX United States

I spent quite a few minutes to be in the clouds wondering when will be the date of the next stateside QSO on 10m… …and boom… NR4M called @14:23 Wow, took not that long… after logging 16 other DX’s in total I had to stay as long as I can as I don’t know when will be the next chance I can run on 10m. This might have been a tactical mistake but wanted to enjoy the noiseless band. Actually 15m was also in great shape.

Most importantly, I beat my-2018-self pretty well.

Thanks for the calls this was a great one.

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