A week prior to the contest a big t-storm has been predicted exactly from the start to the end for my QTH area. Luckily enough at the end on Friday shifted a half day earlier so it sorted out its duty on Sat morning so it was safe to switch on. After the huge rain the temp cooled down significantly back to 22C which actually was great. I’ve never had so chilly IARU (I always been melting) IARU in the whole ham carrier.

The propagation was interesting. During the night on 20m last year I had 150+ hours to NA but this year I needed to think to QSY to 40m. It became a bit better in the morning but I have fewer DX in the log.

I still have the “balcon” Yagi for 15m so I was only playing there but on 10m couple of USA stns surprised me again.

I had the feeling that we had fewer HQ stns active this year. Have not checked the stats yet but on top of this I guess many stns were MS or even SO. At least I could not find quite a lot obvious ones for example on 10m when the band was open to the area. Same for 160m as well.

Thanks for the calls.

CU in EU-HF.

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