…ppl. say that ice-hockey is a tough manly sport… …guess this is valid for our SSB, isn’t it?

The far most difficult contest recently.

I got flu on Thursday and don’t know how I could manage but I bit my own tongue with the pre-contest snack. Every CQ was literally painful. But to add the real jackpot the DVK got RFI and had to drop it just before the start. Considering these 3 factors above this contest was a big fun. :-)

  • had very crowded band with killing QRM
  • on Sat there were quite a big activity from NA but the sigs were just above the noise floor. Had to really make timing to dig the calls out when the neighbor TX pauses and I could hear the callers. I do apology for the bunch of repetition requests/guessing’s. Thanks for the perseverance only couple of stns “dropped me”.
  • Sun was significantly better there were even strong DXs as well
  • z29 been never heard and had no momentum for z1/z31. It was quite frustrating to see the spots of KL or KH6 but not able to hear a whisper
  • thanks for the cqcontest competition. I would recommend to introduce a hardcoded max interval period ‘coz it was less fun if the big players posted their scores very rarely

All in all I would start it over from tomorrow again.

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