CQ160m – SOA HP

I had an unbreakable family commitment for Saturday afternoon this limited my op time to 24h. I missed the whole Sat from 6Z and managed to log the first QSO a minute before 00z on Sun.

Invested a lot of work into the preparation and the antenna work. As result I had new top loaded vertical, the original 268m USA-JA Beverage system was extended to 2wire version with the needed HW, switching etc. No need to say that I sat down to the operating desk right from the Beverage “filed” as I finished 30 mins before the start. Had no chance to try the new gear so only the hope remained for the first live solution validation.

The Beverage coverage “gaps” between the main directions were badly missed. A bunch of multipliers fell into these directions where I had no chance to hear anything. Seems need to get these fixed for the next time. :-)

The Saturday NA propagation was so bad I started to suspect that the USA Beverage was demolished. All the stns came at the noise level and each contact was an achievement by itself.

Interestingly enough the resonance of the T-vertical jumped with ~50kHz up once on both days. Have no clue what might be the reason. Despite this the rest of the HW worked well. Only the RX switching required a short CPR before the final stage and got back to life again.

The only downside of the weekend was that I managed to miss CT… Had not a single station logged from Connecticut… :-)


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