…got a lot of laptop related issues.
- the USB to serial converter did forget the COM port settings every now and
then. Could not find the cause but most probably RFI got into it
- due to unreasonable high CPU load the transmission started to be scattered
making it difficult to read by the callers. This symptom was never seen
- and even it frozen not much before the end. This is not something I’m happy
to see:

- the rotator built up pretty significant azimuthal offset when turned it to
south. Found out only during Sat morning which made me to “visually control”.

- secondary PA relay’s started to stick. Almost every other switch stuck on TX
making RX very challenging.

But the definite finisher was the point when I realized that 15m will be open
and will make my effort a play only. However this could have been kinda obvious
even before the contest start when the SSN meter showed 67…

Thanks a lot for the calls.

CUL in CQ160m.


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