WPX CW Analysis

After pretty long time I was able to squeeze some time out to finalize the analysis. I’m currently claimed world #3 in SO80m LP non-assisted category and very curious how the competition performed and would like identify my weak points and/or look for improvement areas. I plan to publish here the results as soon as I have the permissions to do so.

I would like to thank to the guys who provided their logs immediately after the contest. I was surprised on each and every station I requested the log was kindly sent it in couple of days.

Available so far:

Rimantas LY5I, SO80m LP non-assisted
Daniel YO5LD, SO80m LP non-assisted
Zoran YU5T, SO80m LP non-assisted
Igor S57Z, SO80m HP non-assisted
Vema YT4A, SO80m HP non-assisted
Colja YT1WA, SO80m LP assisted


Some background on the results above. My work is more or less purely statistics and comparisons. I try to have as many aspects as it makes sense and might conclude anything which can help. I had several ideas and inspirations from Ilkka’s, OH1WZ write-up in CCF PileUP Magazine (Volume 12(4) 2008, p. 21-29) however I introduced couple of other checks as well.

Tools used are mainly Win-Test as the primary tool for exporting the contact details, but it’s important to mention CBS by K5KA and N6TV as well.

If you have any thoughts or ideas on these please share it with me.

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