4el 20m OWA Yagi lifted

Finally the temperature went below 30C and allowed us to finalize the last movement of the YU7EF design antenna. We received kind help from the neighborhood so we were able to make it for the first attempt. We raised the 6el 10M with 1 more meter higher as well. This results 3m separation between the two Yagis hopefully enough to eliminate the major part of the coupling.

Here I would like to say big thank you to Pop YU7EF and Tim K3LR for their great help during the planning and construction phase.

SWR measurement result:

The 10m Yagi was not measured again after the second lift. I’m very curious how they perform together but so far the 20m part looks good.

…the final 28MHz @18m and 14MHz @15m configuration:

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