CQ160m CW – SO LP Assisted



FT1000MP Field > 100W > Inv-L (15m vertical section) with 60 radials, no RX antenna

I wanted to test the new Inv-L antenna which I managed to finish 2 hours before the contest start. It is based on ON4UN’s trapped version of 80/160m duobander.

So I had plenty of time to tune the band see what I have. I was sitting on DM7C’s freq trying to copy anything I can. At the JA sunrise the shocking surprise came… There are JAs on the band… a lot of them with unbelievable signals. I though working JA on top band is the privilege the stns with big RX antenna systems. JA3CJO with s9+10Db on Inv-L. I could log JA7NI (“only” with s8) for the second call. I heard at least 15 different calls during this period with easy copy. Not bad…

This was my first reals 160m contest with a “not only radiating somehow” antenna. I thought there’s nothing worse than 40m CW at the beginning of a CQWWCW. There were stations on every 200-250Hz with killing splatters. I feel K8ND’s pain not being heard by EU stn’s but at the first couple of minutes took to find the way how I could get myself logged even with EU big guns… I pulled the 250Hz filter with the 240Hz DSP filter which proved to be the working setup.

I planned to be on air only until my sunrise. I didn’t feel too tired but around 02z I had really frequent sleep black-outs even during a QSO. This horror jungle did not help to maintain my focus for sure. I think CQ160 requires the biggest attention at the start.

There is a interesting habit I noticed. My running freq was stolen several times with “no QRL?” but it’s OK, 100W is 100W. But in the prime time of NA when I assume everybody in EU is listening towards there why are we starting CQ on top of the CQing DX station I cannot get. There were several K and VE stations who was impossible to work because the EU “peer” was CQing like hell without receiving the DX… When I have a semi-clear period for 10 seconds the stn was logged easily even with 100W. I know I know, top band is a different crowded world. I lost C6AGU, HK1R, XE2X, PJ2T due to this with at least 6-8 states/provinces.

Despite the difficulty I enjoyed the contest. Being LP on 160m is even more pain but I could even run for shorter period of times with good hourly rates (68/73/91/60). DX is only 4% in log. I guess I have 45 cty mults with logging 4U6F which was not recognized by the current cty file yet.

Thanks for the contacts next year definitely I plan with full time effort.


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