Win-Test + FT1000MP MkVF > 4el YU7EF OWA Yagi @15m (EF204ARC)

I planned to SOAB LP but as usually I underestimated the doable antenna work for 1 day. Right after it started snowing I gave up the AB plan and went to SB 20m where I needed to setup the logger only in the warm room. As my AL-811 still has broken tubes, in LP category.

This was the main debut for the new antenna. I definitely need to learn of its characteristics because due to the great front-to-side ratio I was almost deaf into those directions. I try to blame this for the missing zones. :-)

No major technical failure only the “ANT A” connector broke (no idea how) after ~5 hours into the contest. The TRX indicator suddenly showed 3+ SWR and scared me like hell. The v-belt was needed to replace once to the rotator indicator but after this nothing unexpected.

I’m happy with the result especially with the mult number. I made big SO2V effort to fill up the “empty-LP-CQ” periods and paid off not only for the multiplier total but the number of QSOs as well. I’ve not done the log analysis yet but as an impression the RUN vs. S&P ratio qso’s was 50-50%. The propagation was not that bad as it could have been. The log contains 300 NA, 135 AS (27 JA :-\ HFTA doesn’t lie) and the midgets. However I frequently checked the LP directions but only have 1/3 of VK/ZL logged compared to SSB leg.

I could have done the whole 48 hours if the band would have let me. I agree with C4Z the band closed rather early and was a pain to grab anyone after 18z on both days.

I missed zone 6, 34 and 39. Guess I had a really angry look when I checked the cluster for the missing ones after the contest. SU90IARU was CQing not far away from my running frequency and usually checked the surrounding freqs but somehow I missed him. Further shame but I did not even hear neither FR/OH2YL or 3B9HA which part of AF is easy from my QTH. Zone 6 is a mystery for me. I need to check my logs but I’m close to be sure I don’t even have z06 at all.

I missed only CX4AT/CX5UA, 6V7A , OYxx and C92ZO from the mults I heard. I will never make this mistake again when C92ZO was found with the back side of the Yagi on Sat and thought to catch later for sure. Never heard him again.

The funniest part of the contest happened on my CQ freq. The semi rare northern mult came and started to call his “move mate” but could not manage to find the time to give me the same credit even after my 5th call. Of course did not send any SRI or anything like that either for the caused QRM.

A definite highlight of the weekend that I lost my CQ spot twice only. There’s no weapon against when a mult came to the same place from other end of the path. Big thanks goes to the majority of stations who sent “QRL?” first when he found my QRG, and an even bigger one goes to those who moved after I asked them to do so.

The lowlights… – too many station forget to sign his/her callsign for long long minutes. – it seems a new habit developed lately. I call a stn, sends my report, I send mine back, and instead of putting a “dit dit” or “TU” or anything I could identify the completions of the contact s/he starts to send CQ. For me this is not obvious s/he did lose me or copied everything correctly. – it was very frustrating when on both afternoons the band was full, crowd with huge signals and I could barely even S&P. I think there was big untapped potential during these periods. – the DX Code of Conduct should be extended to contests too

Last but not least I apology to VE6EX and CN2AA for the “mis-button” push and started the CQ on their frequency.

Grats to Mike for the new EU record.

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