Callsign length comparison

Beside my regular callsign I hold a shorter 4 letters long contest call (HG3G) as well. Inspired by Jose’s CT1BOH analysis I calculated the “basic unit” calls length:

To be honest from eastern EU I don’t struggle too much with the pain to extend the contest time with shorter call or to choose the frequency of own call IDing but it’s still interesting how long time does it take to send the “short” call. Seeing the results it is not even a big advantage tho. I use 75 ms “PTT ON Delay” in Win-Test so this difference @32 WPM takes for a “PTT ON” and “PTT OFF” period.

@22 WPM:

HG3G – 2590 ms

HA3LN – 2807 ms

Delta: 217 ms


@32 WPM:

HG3G – 1789 ms

HA3LN – 1939 ms

Delta: 150 ms

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