ARRL CW – SOAB CW assissted LP

I spent very limited time on the bands. 20m seemed lousy, 15m was quite a surprise being open late even on my vertical but 40m was interesting. During the first night nice number of stations logged nothing special. Before the contest end after my sunset I heard several stations coming through. VY2TT was even strong. The interesting part was that this happened 100+ minutes before the VY2 sunset. I reloaded win-test twice I thought it does not refresh the greyline map… :-) Heard other signals even from FL but I could not go through. In total low number of VE stations was heard.

I would like to congratulate to W3LPL, W0AIH, W2FU and W1VE who answered to my “not-a-real-s-meter-destorying” CQs on 40m. I found 7001 clear once and gave a try. Of course a bigger midwest station quickly took the freq unfortunately without sending a “QRL?”. But anyway it was fun to run for couple minutes with almost a “dipole on the ground”.  :-)





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