All Asian CW – SOAB LP

Operating Time (hrs): 5

Band QSOs
20: 49
15: 44
Total: 93 Prefixes = 77 Total Score = 7,161

Club: Hungarian DX Club


FT1000MP > 80W > 3el3b vertical on the roof.

I had only couple of hours to be on the bands seemed to be good propagation. Several op had good ears on the Asian side I called couple of JAs I could barely copy but they came back for first call.

I know the sample of 93 is nothing for statistics but still has an aspect. Based on the received ages…
- MAX: 75
- MIN: 27
- AVG: 54
- MED: 55


The amateur radio is getting older… I count still a youngster but I’m 37 already…


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