Roofing filter menu 9-1 settings

Since I have the roofing filter installed I had couple of contests already to gain experience. There’s a significant difference.

When I first switched on the radio I was shocked about the high level of hiss heard which made the reception almost impossible only the loudest stations could be read. Made some research on the net and found that the 9-1 menu item should be tuned to compensate this. The original value was 14 (default is 12) which seemed to be way too high. This was the original set tho as I received the radio back in 2005.

So what I found:

  • INRAD tells the def value might be reduced by 1-3 integers
  • DG8FBV – 12
  • G3SXJ – 9
  • K0TO – 11
  • N4SL – 10

Played a bit around and for me the value of 12 is the optimum.


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