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FT-1000MP > AL-811 > 4el YU7EF OWA @15m

Tubes were replaced in the PA and was ready to be back in business again. With this 500W I could enter the HP category to check the station competitiveness against the big guys.

At the beginning it was very suspicious that the band is full with strong EU stns. …checked the solar status and knew why… Actually this screwed the first hours + made band openings very late for me on both days. I heard lot of strong signals but could not start run. On top of the GM storm I had S9+ man made noise started with the sunset from 40 up to 180 degrees to East direction and finished with the sun came up again. I guess this might be the public LED lights on the streets. Luckily there was a “hole” on the noise wall around 14243kHz where a clear spot found to try AS and OC with not much success anyway.

This contest was a real HW destroying activity.

- foot-switch broke at 05z, during the 30mins of fixing time needed to switch to VOX and might have sounded really LID as it went on TX every instance I made a small noise.
- RF leaked back to the DVK interface somehow and sticked the ant relay on TX and was difficult to get it back to RX fully. This happened on cases when I stepped off the foot switch too quickly.
- …as a consequence of this above the DVK interface blown up @20:20z on Sun. The last couple of hours were really chord intensive.

Had really nice pile-ups on the first day towards W-EU and NA with 140+/hours. Felt strong all the way despite on Sunday NA prime time. I could not hold CQ spot at all, NA missed completely. A bunch of VE9’s called but nothing further. Tend to explain this with the bad condx but I heard a lot of strong US stns calling other EUs. The huge QRM and the pretty wide stns made me move to S&P. 500W was great improvement from LP but still is not enough to protect the running freq for long. :-)

I made 45 hours in the operating chair with only 1 short 15mins blackout period on Sat. However, the last 2-3 hours was really tough but it did worth to hold on as I managed to find finally OA4A and ZD8W as a double and ZP6A and PZ5K as cty mult. On the other hand, have no clue how I managed to miss V2/PJ7/ZF2/V4… Not to mention the VK6 an FR/5R combo. I turned down several times but not in the proper time to catch them…

What surprised me very much, I did receive 3(!) real RS(T)s for the contest reports. I know this is how should be done but not really happened to me yet.

I will enter any contest is organized by G/DL/PA. 30%+ (554) of the QSO were from these countries, amazing activity, thanks a lot for that.

Was good fun but still a lot of room for improvements.

Thanks to my family who stood again the all night long shouting. :-) …and of course thanks for the cluster spots and All who called me.


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