Wind stress test

This year’s winter acts like a “winter”. It’s very cold, temp reached even -20 degrees which is very unusual in HA in the recent years, big snow fall and all this comes with strong winds. (yellow bar stands for max speed, green for average /hour)

We had a very windy day on 6/Jan which made the antennas struggle a bit. Luckily all of them survived but not without effect.

There was similar windy weather couple of months ago which made the 10m Yagi a bit biased from the main direction:

…but the recent wind sorted all again with a tiny little difference. It turned the 6el completely into “back”.

When I planned the boom for this OWA I preferred the square shaped aluminum as it is easier to set the elements horizontal. Never thought that the wind load can be so high it can make this re-arrangement on the pole. It will be a nice exercise to reset them but I’m still very lucky as the antenna remained in one piece, stayed on the tower and does not have any visible damage.

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