I live in Budapest urban area (my real station is next to the Lake Balaton). The garden is just enough to have a green patch for the kids but that’s not a space for antennas. I have a small station to get myself on the air and chase DXpeditions. To be frank I’m still lucky to keep the antennas up due to the pugnacious neighbors and the local regulations which is quite demanding towards the HA hams lately.

So this is what I have at the moment:

  • 10-20m : Dunax 3bander vertical on the roof @9m
  • 40m: inv-v dipole @8m
  • 80m: inv-v dipole @8m

No question the vertical needs propagation but it’s still interesting experiment to see the Voacap predictions in reality. But around SSN 80 and above it is well usable even up to ZL7. The dipole despite the low apex seems to be a good player too. However the urban noise floor is horrifying sometimes.

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